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The Gamification Quest

Hosted by Sententia Gamification. Level Up your corporate learning and development programs, employee onboarding, client engagement, or classroom with cutting-edge strategies to motivate and engage employees, customers, and students. Our guests include gamification gurus, platform providers, and end users who give you tips, tools, and techniques to add immediately to your training, talent development leadership, and employee engagement toolbox. Put Gamification to work for you! (

Feb 10, 2020

Tiffany & Co. needed to train security officers to follow an important process when they suspect someone of shoplifting. 

The target audience rarely actually encounters a situation that allows them to apprehend a shoplifter. They must remember and apply Tiffany’s Five Elements of Proof EXACTLY or risk a public relations catastrophe.

Tiffany and Co. went to Artisan eLearning to create something memorable and challenging for their learners… and the idea for Catch It was formed.

Amy Morrisey is the President of Artisan E-Learning and serves as Sales & Marketing Manager.

As President, she stays focused on maintaining the high standards their clients have grown to expect. She believes that “staying close to our clients, our people, and our work is a smart way to do that.” 

One of her favorite things to do in the e-learning world is to jump in with a client to write a storyboard that is creative and application-based. 

Before working with Artisan, Amy spent 17 years in corporate training and development predominantly teaching leadership development and coaching teams and executives.

She currently serves on the board of ATD Detroit.

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