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The Gamification Quest

Hosted by Sententia Gamification. Level Up your corporate learning and development programs, employee onboarding, client engagement, or classroom with cutting-edge strategies to motivate and engage employees, customers, and students. Our guests include gamification gurus, platform providers, and end users who give you tips, tools, and techniques to add immediately to your training, talent development leadership, and employee engagement toolbox. Put Gamification to work for you! (

Jul 25, 2015

Part 2 of the Sententia interview with Dr. Thiagi - We begin with a review of the 4 C's of Games and how that applies to gamifcation design strategy, explore the importance of storylines and narratives for comprehension and retention, and conclude with FUN!!


About Thiagi:  Dr. Sivasailam (Thiagi) Thiagarajan was...

Jul 18, 2015

Most people are confused about different terms associated with games and gamification. If you are one of them, you are likely to confuse your clients, participants, and audience members. Untangle the terminology so you can clearly communicate what you do and what you can do for others.

This week Thiagi and Monica will...

Jul 11, 2015

The gamification of learning is more than just building games into learning. It is a systematic process of using strategies that are based on the principles of good game design. A well-designed and well-implemented training and development program promotes engagement, meaning, mastery, and autonomy.

And that is what...

Jul 4, 2015

This week my guest is Galen Radtke, the published designer of a gamification tool called Wamerjam! And our topic is –

Wamerjam: "Play, grow, and get work done together."

Today Galen and I will explore how to add gamification to your workplace with this new, simple, and inexpensive tool. You’ll hear:

  • How Wamerjam...