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The Gamification Quest

Hosted by Sententia Gamification. Level Up your corporate learning and development programs, employee onboarding, client engagement, or classroom with cutting-edge strategies to motivate and engage employees, customers, and students. Our guests include gamification gurus, platform providers, and end users who give you tips, tools, and techniques to add immediately to your training, talent development leadership, and employee engagement toolbox. Put Gamification to work for you! (

Sep 25, 2020

Gamification designs for learning should use the full potential of feedback rules and feedback loops for engagement. Feedback is a key aspect in game design, not just to direct behavior, but also to give discernable cues to the players on their performance and aspects to improve. A good gamification design knows how to nudge behavior, but a great gamification design creates meaningful learning cycles that engage through the use of multiple feedback rules. These feedback systems can create loops that accrue power or knowledge and that can relate to meaningful rewards or game outcomes. Learning how to design this feedback loop improves the learning curve of your players in a meaningful way.

About our guest:

Javier Velasquez studied Literature and a Master's in Literature at Universidad de los Andes in Colombia. His professional studies helped him understand how to analyze media in a systemic way, as his main concerns were interdisciplinary studies. Since 2012 he shifted towards game design and founded a board game publisher, Azahar Games. In 2013 he assisted the GSummit and started making research on game design and gamification. Alongside his sister, Ana María Velasquez, a PhD in Human Development and Motivation, they started working on a Gamification framework (BEM) that used the idea of feedback and intrinsic motivation in its core. This framework has been validated in different fields, like innovation, human resources, loyalty campaigns, and specially in education, which is a big part of their intrinsic motivation. Javier sees Gamification not as a tool of design, but as a field with paradigms and objects of study that go beyond the use of standardized mechanics.  

The Gamification Quest Podcast Host is Monica Cornetti, President of Sententia, Inc. ( and GameMaster of GamiCon - The Annual International Conference for the Gamification of Learning ( Connect with Monica on LinkedIn.