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The Gamification Quest

Hosted by Sententia Gamification. Level Up your corporate learning and development programs, employee onboarding, client engagement, or classroom with cutting-edge strategies to motivate and engage employees, customers, and students. Our guests include gamification gurus, platform providers, and end users who give you tips, tools, and techniques to add immediately to your training, talent development leadership, and employee engagement toolbox. Put Gamification to work for you! (

Oct 8, 2020

Use the Game Based Learning Design Wheel, which combines the scientific principles of learning theories, game design, and theories of motivation and behavior into a practical model to design gamification solutions that contribute to learning. Developed by Living Story and used for years to design serious games for learning, Michiel and Karen will take you through the process of making your own serious game or gamification for your adult education or corporate training program in 9 clear steps. 

Want to know more about the Game Based Learning Design Wheel?

About our guests:

Michiel van Eunen | Experience Designer

Seasoned player in the field of gamification & game-based learning. Since running his first project (The Hunt) in 2003, he made and played over 50 different formats with thousands of people, groups, teams and companies worldwide. Ranging from serious games to escape rooms, Michiel loves to design games that use the immense power of play in the real world. He has the privilege witnessing tons of teams playing games and he loves to inspire others with what he learned from that.

Karen Sikkema | Game-Based Learning Expert

Karen is experience designer, escape room designer and gamification designer for cultural heritage. She specializes in game-based learning and developed the Game-based Learning Design Wheel.

After working as a consultant and innovation manager, she joined Living Story 12 years ago and gained an enormous amount of experience in entrepreneurship, game design and gamification.

The Gamification Quest Podcast Host is Monica Cornetti, President of Sententia, Inc. ( and GameMaster of GamiCon - The Annual International Conference for the Gamification of Learning ( Connect with Monica on LinkedIn.