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The Gamification Quest

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Nov 8, 2019

The Company provides online training for its global sales and technical staff.

Training a global workforce presents several problems. Sales and technical both need product training, but while their needs differ, there is a significant overlap that blurs the boundaries. The common solution is to create different training for each group, but this is inefficient, and many employees find the need to train in both. In addition, regional differences tend to be ignored in order to meet training deadlines.

This project addresses the problem of training two different yet closely aligned groups while dealing with global differences. Adopting an adaptive design for training allowed the Company to successfully address these issues.

About Domenic Caloia:  A Senior Learning Developer at Johnson Controls and a learning strategist. For the past several years Mr. Caloia has been presenting at learning and development conferences on innovative solutions that include Simulating xAPI without a Learning Record Store, Designing for the Millennial Learner, and Adaptive Design for Personalized Learning.

Domenic’s current passion is empowering the learner as online learning becomes increasingly automated. Mr. Caloia has been successfully designing adaptive courses, providing personalized learning to diverse audiences. His unique approach based on Learner Intelligence does not require AI. Now designers can quickly create personalized learning experiences.


The Gamification Quest Podcast Host is Monica Cornetti, CEO of Sententia Gamification ( Gamemaster of GamiCon - The Conference for the Gamification of Learning (